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NSQ 2 - Frangipani Fiesta

Frangipani symbolizes perfection. In nature, the frangipani plant is seductive to many senses; it is sweetly perfumed, visually enthralling and buttery to the touch. Beauty aside, the frangipani is a survivor. Paired with the mystical smoky quartz, this silver frangipani necklace is a statement of self-affirmation and quiet confidence. ...

NRC 8 - Fireworks

The absolute design of choice to express your zest for life! With the interwoven red coral and tiger eye, it is reminiscent of vibrant and magnificent fireworks that never fails to excite. It serves as a reminder for us to live our lives with exuberance and pure optimism. ...

PSSS 2 - Vanda Miss Joaquim (Silver Sandstone)

Yang Lay expresses her patriotism with this pendant created specially to commemorate Singapore. Fittingly, she communicates her nationalistic pride using the national flower, the orchid, to make an asymmetrical piece that emanates just a touch of mischief....

PRC 4 - Flight Of The Butterfly

Audacious and loud, this extraordinary design is exclusive to anyone who wants to make a bold statement. Jazz up a simple outfit with this piece for extra oomph. ...

PMI 4 - Retro

A glistening disco ball, booming stereos, people dressed in a myriad of colours partying on the dancefloor – this piece is a celebration of all things retro! Experience a blast from the past and recapture your youth by donning this pendant which boasts of an exuberance of different shades and stones and adorned by one shimmering smiling butterfly. This piece is bound to make you want to boogie! ...
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