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NAG 4 - Romance d’Amour (Necklace)

Blue orbs and sliver roses make a regal and romantic combination. Accented by little silver rosebuds, this necklace tells a story of how time transforms shy blooms into their bold, dramatic maturity. Quirky and whimsical, the blue agate rose piece never fails to make an unusual impression. ...

NAG 3 - Mauve Mystery

Be enveloped by magic and mystery when you adorn yourself with this necklace of mauve and silver floral detail. A woman who wears purple agate is stylish and sophisticated. The beads in this lariat necklace are irregular and unique, just as how its wearer is distinct and confident....

NAG 2 - Wild With Envy

Green is the colour of life! Green represents Mother Nature in all her glory: forest, bush, tree, grass. The playful swirls in green moss agate suggest the lushness of wilderness and woodland. A silver rose serves as focal point of this collar necklace and conceptually gathers the piece as an emblem of hope and abundance....

NAG 1 - Star Spangled Serenity

Reminiscent of ancient fossils that build up the sedimentary slabs on the seabed, banded lace agate columns are loosely strung to evoke the delicate allure of beaches and ocean floors. The silver starfish compliments the nude tones of lace agate and remind us of long, languid trips to the sea shore....
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