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NSSS 4 - The Sky's The Limit

This elegant, indigo coloured Silver Sandstone Necklace has Indian inspired elements and is a special edition piece created just for President’s Challenge ’09. The understated shiny beads weave around the neck and conclude in a large decorative handcrafted silver butterfly centrepiece, a creature beloved by Mrs Nathan herself. It then breaks out in a fringe style to give the necklace movement, symbolizing the freedom of movement of the butterfly....

NSSS 2 - Power Black

This design, similar to NRC 4, has a deceptively simple design that allows the wearer to customise their looks. The versatile colour makes it great with any outfit, but especially so with a power suit....

NSSS 1 - Starlight

The woman who possesses both mystery and beauty will be inexorably drawn to the silver sandstone. Silver sandstone is truly exquisite as it seems to capture a star -sprinkled blanket of sky within its glittering depths. This necklace exhibits wondrous sparkle from a combination of 925 silver and silver sandstone, emitting irresistible ethereality and elegance. Silver sandstone is truly exquisite as it seems to capture a star -sprinkled blanket of sky within its glittering...

NSQ 5 - The Mystic

The use of smoky quartz exudes an air of mystic and magic, and coupled with an adornment of 3 shimmering silvery starfish, one would inevitably be the centre of attention and a definite head-turner....

NSQ 3 - Glistening Splendour

Glassy, spectral and enigmatic are some of the words one can ascribe to smoky quartz and its patrons. Prized for its unusual colour and clarity, the smoky quartz is also sought for its calming, grounding properties. This dramatic jewel has been strung with silver beads and a brilliant butterfly piece to give the necklace a boost of glistening capacity. Wear this to show that there is more to you than meets the eye....
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