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BAA 4 - Eternity

Like the never ending loop of a circle, the relationships and friendships forged amongst individuals should be able to withstand the test of time, lasting an eternity and never fading away. This bangle seeks to celebrate the beauty of human connections and networks in this vast fabric of society! Cherish the people around you! ...

BAA 3 - Stardust

Likened to the traces left behind by a million shooting stars darting across the sky, this design represents the many hopes and aspirations we hold onto in our lives. It serves as a motivational reminder for us to constantly push forward and strive to reach for the stars – boundless and uninhibited....

BAA 2 - And The River Runs

Rivers give life, preserve life, cleanse the ground, amass the rain, fertilize the soil and mirror the sky. They are the birth place of civilizations, thus a direct bridge between man and earth. This gently curving silver cuff depicts the pulse of a river running free, a symbol of the cord between humanity and nature, the timeless dialogue that bonds heaven, earth, its creatures and us. ...


ECA 6...


ECA 5 - Carnelian and Peridot Earrings with Silver Rabbit and small silver beads...
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