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ECQ 3 - Sweet Clarity

When the mind is clear, all things in life taste sweeter. The glassy clean look of crystal quartz rouses a precision and liberation of thought. The silver dragonflies symbolize renewal of spirit; let them take you to greater heights by inspiring the flights of your imagination....

BAA 6 - Memories

Just like roots and undergrowth, is the intertwining nature of the memories which we lock deep in the recesses of our minds and those which are held dear to our hearts. This bangle is a commemoration of all the lovely moments and experiences that we shape and share with our loved ones. This truly epitomizes that while everything else fades with time, memories are meant to last a lifetime....

ECQ 2 - Visual Eloquence

Like a solid block of water, or air, or ice, crystal quartz is owes its allure to its clarity. Transparent, yet not invisible, crystal quartz is unlike any other semiprecious stone in appearance and appeal. Strung along with delicate silver rosebuds, these little beauties will twinkle enough to capture an audience as you twirl about beneath the light....

BAA 5 - Triton

Under the silvery surface of the vast ocean lies the dwelling place of Gods and Goddesses. As the messenger of the sea, Triton with his twisted conch shell could command the waves with a trumpet blow. Legend has it that the sound had the ability to fend off even the biggest of giants. This design is a reflection of an individual taking full control of one’s life, overcoming any challenge and obstacles that come our way to ultimately achieve immeasurable success in every end...

ECQ 1 - The Epitome Sparkler

Rock crystal is a stone prized precisely because it lacks colour, but in doing so, houses the potential to showcase the full spectrum when exposed to light. Pristine, both in structure and appearance, there is an undeniable quality of ethereality to rock crystal. We have paired it with silver to deliver its patrons an aura of celestial eminence....
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