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NRC 7 - Salute To The Nation

This full height red coral choker is intricately handwoven and embellished with 3 silver decorative butterflies, each one carefully handcrafted by a master silversmith. The 3 strands that extend from the chassis of the choker add an element of surprise and the butterflies look like they are resting on vines, resounding with Yang Lay’s motto when designing jewellery – that it is inspired by nature. This design was worn by Yang Lay to accept the trophy of appreciation from ...

NRQ 1 - Playfully Pink

Think pink! This charming choker features rose quartz in a delicate pink, reminiscent of blushes and tender flushes of the finest cherry blossoms. We have paired unique rose quartz beads carved in the shape of leaves with a silver butterfly to create a piece that pays homage to the loveliness of spring. Pastel pinks and gleaming silver pave the way for a playful and romance idyllic....

NTI 3 - Focus Pocus

A walk through the woods – Attention all naturalists! Express your love for the outdoors with naturally occurring tiger eye, shaped into balls. A silver dragonfly is added for a touch of friskiness. With its rustic golden sheen, stones bear resemblance to a tiger’s coat of skin. Bold and exuberating with energy, this piece, adorned with a 925 silver dragonfly is the epitome of self-worth and a focused mind....

NTU 2 - Poise With Turquoise

With the earthy hues set on the green-blue shades of the turquoise chips, coupled with the brilliant sparkle of hardy sea creatures, this piece speaks of understated poise and elegance which lie within every woman. This design also speaks of the interconnectivity of all creatures both on land and sea amongst whom there must be mutual respect – as intended by Mother Nature....

NSSS5 - Princess Of Persia

With glistening specks of silver embedded in deep royal blue, this creation of interwoven silver sandstone, every piece carefully selected, and intricately handcrafted 925 Silver with Solid White Gold Plated centerpiece is likened to a Princess enjoying the warm glow of the moon under a star-studded sky. The ensemble symbolizes comfort and inner peace. Silver sandstone is highly uncommon in its formation in Mother Nature. Wearing it also symbolizes one’s unique personali...
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