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NLA 1 - Roses Of Heaven

The brilliant blue of lapis lazuli is worn by nobility and kings of the old. Deep blue and glossy silver (gold), lapis lazuli and rose; symbol of heaven and emblem of love, this is a tour de force of beauty and meaning. ...

NHO 1 - Butterfly Sparkle

This is a neckpiece fit for a white queen. Imagine a crust of stunning white Howlite beads encircling the neck, while a colossal bright silver butterfly twinkles on the collar; a recipe to turn heads! Not for the faint hearted. Inspired by images of “Snow White”, this necklace in stunning white Howlite will make a wearer feel like a princess....

NHE 1 - Cosmic Conundrums

Round Hawk Eye beads recall the mysterious manner in which circles are familiar in the natural universe. The circle is the shape of the sun, the planets, the eye and bubbles. The dark bands within the hawk eye possess a silky gleam under light that is subtle but impossible to miss. We have blended the dark hypnotism of the hawk eye, with the splendid, clean shine of silver butterflies to create a stylish lariat of cosmic distinction. Round hawk eye beads recall the mysteri...

NGR 1 - Luck Of The East

Ladybirds are renowned as traditional symbols of luck, as is the colour red. These lucky elements have been combined; the insect in silver, the red in the vibrant shades garnets, to create a necklace that is a double-stranded powerhouse of optimistic motivation. Don this profusion of energizing tokens to preserve your get-up-and-go. ...

NFL 1 - Joy

Fluorite is a very unusual gemstone as it occurs in so many colours. Showcasing a rainbow spectrum of fluorite rounds and a pair of laughing butterflies in silver, this necklace encourages the celebration of natural beauty and the strength of devotion. The silver boxes evoke gifts and festivities. Wear this to merry-make- and make memories! ...
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