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EAG 1b

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NTU 1 - Seashell Serenade

Seashells are known for their gentle luminescence and sheen on its surface, with every seashell being unique in shapes, sizes and colour. This design boasts of bright turquoise and the brilliant sparkle from three 925 Silver seashells which almost as though these creatures are serenading you. Enjoy this design’s individuality. Embrace yours. ...

NAQ 1 - Aquatica

There is nothing like taking a stroll down the beach, with the gentle breeze in your cheeks and the soft grainy sand beneath your feet. As the waves washes and smooths over your dotted footprints along the shore, there is a deep sense of connection with you and the aquatic world. Experience a sense of inner peace and tranquility with this azure blue design with silver seashells reminding us that the oceans are an important part of our home and environment which we ought to p...

NLA 5 – Desert Love

Inspired by fairytales of desert dwellers roaming in the endless Sahara in search of their one true love, this design epitomizes the beauty of love and man’s relentless pursuit of it. The leaves set in a ring of Lapis Chips signify hope for love to blossom once you find your oasis. Persist and be bold! ...

NON 1 - Onyx Symphonics

With its distinctive feature- white with black veins, the white howlite is weaved together to form a necklace which is a pretty picture that will undoubtedly bring one to connect it with peace. An excellent antidote to insomnia, one will also be able to feel its soothing properties just by looking at it. In this creation, small stones surround larger stones, which portray feelings of something precious being protected. In addition, a large signature butterfly made of 925 silv...
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