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Mrs S'pore World - May 11 2013

ERM Singapore Marketing Pte Ltd organizes many pageants such as Mrs Singapore, Classic Mrs Singapore, Manhunt Singapore, etc. “Mrs Asia International Community Queen 2012” Yang Lay was invited as a special guest to the grand finals of the Mrs Singapore and Classic Mrs Singapore 2013 pageant, held on May 11th, 2013 at the Grand Ballroom of Orchid Country Club. Thirty-two finalists, many of whom are mothers, danced on stage and answered tough questions as they vied for the ...

CNY Society for Aged Sick - February 23 2013

ERM is the renowned owner and franchisee of several international pageants and is licensed in more than 120 countries worldwide. One of the many charity events that they organize is the “Beauty With a Heart” project, which receives donations to help the less fortunate lead better lives. “Mrs Asia International Community Queen 2012” Yang Lay, together with other ERM title holders and 2013 pageant contestants supported this cause at the Society for the Aged Sick on Fe...

Scintillance 6 - January 11 2013

Yang Lay working alongside much revered fashion designer Ms Jeicelle (left) and the models at Scintillance VI organized by the ever popular conceptual photography artist Allan Nacpil. The photography and post-processing workshop on 11-12th of January 2014 at Paco Park, Manilla drew a total of 103 photographers, 5 designers (from Singapore & the Philippines) and 15 international models. Yang Lay (Mrs Singapore 2012) was specially invited to feature her exquisite jewelry...

Brisk Walk with Teo Ho Pin - November 25 2012

The North West Community Development Council (CDC), headed by Mayor Teo Ho Pin, serves about 720,000 residents. Started in 2011, the North West CDC recognizes those who have completed more than 10 monthly 10km brisk walks as a “North West 100km Brisk Walk Challenge Finisher”. Held on November 25th 2012, local award-winning jewelry designer and “Classic Mrs Singapore 2012” Yang Lay was invited to join the last walking session, where she dressed up with her glittering...

Pageant Live - November 5 2012

The only interactive web-based show, PageantLIVE has up to eight guests from around the world to discuss about the US pageant and scholarship industry. “Mrs Asia International Community Queen 2012” Yang Lay was specially invited to the episode on “Promoting Yourself” which aired on Tuesday, November 5th. Hosted by Stephanie McGrane, this episode featured “Ms Classic American Dream 2012” Pam Heydt, “Mrs Oregon Plus America 2013” Kimberli Freilinger and “Amer...
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