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Mrs Singapore World - July 2008

Held at the Orchid Country Club in July 2008, Beneath The Stars was a principal sponsor of the Mrs Singapore World 2008 and Classic Mrs Singapore World 2008 pageants. As two of the major beauty pageants in Singapore, they were both a prestigious affair graced by wise and elegant ladies. The finalists were accessorized with Yang Lay’s collection....

Mercy Relief: Sichuan Earthquake - May 2008

Her love of humanity is what drives Yang Lay to link her support of charity with her business. She was part of the volunteer teams at Mercy Relief who sprang into action following the devastating tsunami of 2004 and the Sichuan earthquake of 2008. She used her business connections to unite the Miss Singapore Universe and Miss Singapore World organizations to help raise funds for the relief effort, and as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility initiative spearheaded by Ya...

Miss Singapore Universe 2008 - May 20 2008

In 2008, Beneath The Stars was involved as a sponsor in all three major beauty pageants in Singapore: Miss Singapore Universe, Miss Singapore World and Mrs Singapore World. For Miss Singapore Universe 2008 and Miss Singapore World 2008, Yang Lay was honoured to be commissioned to specially design and hand make the winners’ crowns. Previous crowns were commercially cast, and Yang Lay’s intricate designs were a milestone in the local history of the pageants. ...

Renovation of Swiss Club’s Arbenz - July 2007

The Swiss Club management sought Yang Lay’s creative expertise to renovate their fine dining restaurant called the Arbenz in August 2007. Although not trained as an interior designer, Yang Lay relied on her instincts to meld nature elements in her designs. The result was a seamless flow from the earthly-toned interior to the lush greens of the sorroundings, with elements such as coconut husk chandeliers lending to the mellow atmosphere. Key aspects of the existing interior,...

FJ Benjamin Fashion Show - December 18 2006

On 18th December 2006, Yang Lay was invited by Violet Benjamin (FJ Benjamin Group) to collaborate on a fashion show for Milo Migliavacca, a renowned Italian designer. Yang Lay was commended for her exemplary attitude and drive for excellence in being chosen to accessorize the models. Held at Millenia Walk in the cool of the evening, the high-profile event attracted Singapore’s fashionable society. Virtually unknown as a jewellery designer then, Yang Lay’s creations gained...
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